Guitar Binding and Purfling Strips - Plastic (ABS, CAB)

Guitar Binding and Purfling Strips - Plastic (ABS, CAB)

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Solid colour binding and purfling strips in a wide selection of colours and sizes. Each strip is long enough to comfortable fit around the edge of most guitars. It bends well (for tighter radii apply a small amount of heat to coerce it in to shape without breaking), and should be glued using our Binding Cement.

Binding, often called edging, is a decorative inlay for the edge of guitars and other instruments, furniture and boxes. Available in myriad colours, sizes and styles, binding is inlaid in to a channel routed around the edge of the piece so that it sits flush with the top and sides. All of our bindings have the colour and pattern running all the way through, so they can be sanded and shaped as required, then polished to a high shine. Binding is often lacquered over with the rest of the workpiece to make the join imperceptible. For fitting we recommend using our Binding Cement, and holding the binding in place with Masking Tape for Binding, and large elastic bands. Care should be taken when bending binding to tight contours - often a small amount of heat can be useful in making the binding more pliable.

Purfling is inlaid in to the surface of the wood, unlike binding which goes around the outside edge. Purfling inlay gives an incredible high-end appearance to guitars, furniture and boxes, and is often used in conjunction with other complimentary binding and purfling strips to give an even more intricate look. These long purfling strips are much easier to fit than the traditional natural shell alternatives, are available in myriad colours, and stick in a pre-routed channel using just some superglue.

The colour and pattern runs right through these binding and purfling strips, so they can be scraped, cut and sanded as required without affecting the overall appearance. The material can be polished and lacquered over to match the sheen level of the rest of the finish.

Key Features

  • Long strips are flexible and easy to fit into pre-routed channels using superglue
  • For guitars, furniture and boxes; often called edging or edge banding
  • Adds a decorative edge to pieces
  • Available in many colours
  • Fits in a channel routed around the edge
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