Universal Concentrated Liquid Tinter Dyes

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THESE DYES SHIP WORLDWIDE - Our special formula is not only compatible with most popular wood finishes, but can also be sent worldwide by express courier.

Highly concentrated liquid dye which can be used to create your own custom colour lacquers and wood finishes.

Supplied in 50ml bottles with resealable dropper lids, these very high strength dyes are enough to tint 1-2 litres of wood finish, or even more if you want a subtler effect.

We have specially formulated these tinters in colours which are suitable for guitar restorations and new builds, and of course they are also brilliant for creating furniture and craft work. They exhibit good lightfastness.

You can mix these concentrated dyes with:

✔ Nitrocellulose Lacquer for making your own see-through nitro lacquers for stunning sunburst effects.

✔ Waterborne Lacquer for creating a see through lacquer that's easy to apply but still shows the grain.

✔ Waterborne Paint Our white waterborne paint makes a great base for these tinters, to make your own custom colour which you can brush or spray on.

✔ Alcohol Thinners to create a classic lightfast wood dye in whatever colour you want!

✔ Distilled Water for water based dyes that will raise the grain and emphasise figure in woods such as rippled mahogany.


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