Fender Telecaster Thinline Waterslide Logo Decal

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HM Custom Decals

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This decal is a HMCustom Decals® product.


HMCustom Decals® products are designed to help luthiers to 


restore and/or repair instruments all arround the world 


providing accurate and high quality decals. 


Please visit our online store: 




Dimensions: See pictures

This package contains 1 x Logo Sticker 




* Waterslide decals are transparent and interact with the background color,

- The final result varies according to the background color or pattern.

* Image has milimetric background so you can check the decal size.



Contact us if you need this decal in different size.


Fender and Telecaster are trademarks of Fender.

This product is not a content, sponsored or manufactured by the above company.

This product is manufactured by HMCustom.

Made in Portugal.

Additional product information

Material Waterslide
Instrument Guitar

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