Hetfield Iron Cross Vinyl Stickers Guitar

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Iron Cross Vinyl Stickers for Guitar


* High quality and resistance vinyl

Kit options: (Choose your kit)

KIT 1 - Iron Cross Sticker

KIT 2 - Iron Cross + Stripes

KIT 3 - Iron Cross + Stripes + ESP Logo

KIT 4 - Iron Cross + Stripes + ESP Logo + James Hetfield Cross Vinyl Guitar Inlays

KIT 5 - Iron Cross + Stripes + ESP Logo + James Hetfield Cross Vinyl White Pearl Guitar Inlays

NOTE: When choosing a kit, all stickers are the same color. (except kit 5 the inlays are pearl white)

For individual colors you have separate items in our store.

All logos are designed and manufactured by HMCustom.

The production of all the inlays, logos and decals, were acquired by my experience as a guitarist.
After several tests and experiments, I finally arrived at the desired result for the production of inlays and logos that had the desired final finish and also that were resistant and imperceptible when touched.
This material does not affect the sound or damage the scale.
It can be easily placed and removed, providing a quick way to modify your instrument.


Additional product information

Material Vinyl

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