The HMCustom Store was created at the request of several customers, with the aim of having a place to buy products outside the "normal" that HMCustom uses to repair and customize.

Here you can find a wide range of products and tools to help you restore, customize and maintain instruments, Flight-cases, Aquaprint and many more.

Any product that you can not find in our store, just make the request for information and / or availability!

We construct and / or manufacture by measure, many of the exposed articles, like, decals, Inlays, logos, stickers, pickguards, covers, etc ...

Thank you for your visit and good shopping!

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Various articles for Guitar and Bass.

Hardware, Accessories, Components, Electronics, etc ...


Decals for application.

In this category you can find various types of decals, Vinyl, Stickers, Waterslide, Stickers, etc ...

WaterSlide Decal / Sticker

- They are thinner than many other decorative techniques (such as vinyl stickers) and how they are printed,
they can be produced with a high level of detail.

As such, they are very popular in the areas of crafts, such as scale modeling,
as well as for labeling DIY electronic devices such as guitar pedals and instrument restoration.

More info at: wikipedia



- The vinyl adhesive is composed of a type of plastic and therefore has greater strength and malleability.
It is available in various colors and textures, and may or may not be printed.
Decorative wall stickers, for example, are non-printed vinyl adhesives (cut only in the shape).

Water Transfer Printing

Water Transfer Printing

image transfer by water, cubic printing, or hydro immersion, is a method of applying printed designs to almost any three-dimensional object ... The hydrographix process can be used in metal, plastic, glass, hard woods and almost any other item that can withstand immersion in water without damage ...

In the normal process, the part to be printed is clean; applied a primer and a base coat ... A special polyvinyl alcohol film is printed with the graphic image to be transferred and is then cast onto the surface of a vat of water ... A chemical activator is sprayed onto the film to dissolving it in the liquid, activating a binding agent. The piece is then dipped into the tub through the floating paint layer which surrounds and adheres to it. After removal of the part from the water, the part is allowed to dry and a top coat of clear sealant is applied by spraying to protect the design ... Print HydroGraphiX can achieve full 360 ° coverage of the surface of parts including small crevices and extreme curves ..



All cases shown on this tab are built by HMCustom and are not available for immediate delivery, for order only.

Choose the case you want and make the reservation / order the article.

The values presented in the article are for the measures and characteristics of the article in question

If you want to change some hardware or case measurements, simply specify in the order comments the changes that you want, which will be sent an update of the value for what you want.



Items used for sale with quality assurance certified by HMCustom.

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